Robert W. Zailo has wanted to draw comics all of his life.  His grandparents gave him his first comic books, which were a Batman comic book and a Jungle Action comic book, before he could ever read.  He was intensely drawn to the style and formatting of the comic books.  He always loved to draw as a child and so tried to emulate that style of drawing in whatever crude and basic way that a child could.  Zailo loves comic books, loves reading comic books, loves looking at them and especially loves drawing them.

Zailo has known that he wanted to be a comic book artist since the age of 13.  He found a friend who was also an artist.  A good artist. This friend loved reading and drawing comic books as much as Zailo did.  This friend announced one day that when he grew up he was going to draw comic books for Marvel.  The walls came crashing down around Zailo and he suddenly in that moment realized that people make these comic books, somebody somewhere was creating comic books and that he was going to be one of those people.  Because up until that moment he thought comic books just appeared by magic.

It seems like Zailo has been studying story telling all of his life.  When he watched a movie or read a book he always tried to deconstruct the storytelling to see how they did it in order to see if he could gain ideas on how to tell his story, even if his story was going to be be very different.

He attended  community college after high school and after taking every art class available (except ceramics) he then went off to work as an artist.  Zailo has worked as an artist in the fields ranging from comic books, storyboards, gaming and magazine illustration, advertising, logos and product design. His very first independent comic book was called Rabid Rachel but the final issues were never published.  The very first storyboard that he did was for a tv commercial.

Zailo also spent a few years working as a scenic painter, working on signs and dimensional projects for clients such as FAO Schwartz, Knots Berry Farm, Disneyland,  Disneyland Tokyo and Staples Center.

Zailo can be commissioned to do any artwork through this website.  In addition, he currently teaches art in the following disciplines; cartoons, comic book, illustration, water color and martial arts.

Zailo works on an ongoing weekly webcomic as well as any drawing and inking gigs that come his way.  You can click on the link to the webcomic called “Experts Guide to Killing Things That Go Bump In The Night”.

He attends comic book, anime, and gaming shows regularly, and is happy to do commissions for fans at shows like San Diego Comic Con, LA Anime Expo, Wizard Shows, etc.  Clients have included AUFA, Dernworks, Aggressive Comics, Forcewerks, High Octane Theatre, Time Warner Cable, Comcast Cable, Adelphia Media, Haven Talent, Radarlock Games, Star Kreative Advertising, and on and on.

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