I am currently available for commissions.  I actually enjoy doing commissions partly because you never know what the client is going to ask for. I am available for custom work (size, format, etc.). Feel free to contact me for details.

When submitting a commission request, please bear in mind the more information you give up front, the happier you are likely to be with the finished piece.  For example, “Can you draw me a sketch of Superman flying through a meteor while giving a thumbs-up to the viewer?” is much better request than, “Can you draw me a picture of Superman?”  If your request is for a character I’m not familiar with, please be prepared to help me locate some reference material.  Please, also note that I don’t draw pornographic material and prefer not to draw nudity.

A minimum down payment of 50% is required before I can begin working on a commission.  As soon as I’ve received your down payment, I will send you an email with an estimated time of completion.  Should I be unable to meet that deadline for some unknown reason, I will contact you to let you know of this as soon as I can with a new estimated time of completion.

Your commission will be drawn on high quality bristol board unless you’ve specifically requested otherwise. Please note that sketchcards can be done on either cardstock or bristol board.  Should you request a different format, the price of the commission may change based on size and/or complexity of the differences.  Obviously, larger and/ or more complex drawings will be more expensive than smaller and/ or simpler requests. Never fear, I don’t turn down commissions for being “too small”.

All commissions will be shipped via US Postal Service unless other shipping arrangements are made at the time of request.

Every commission is sold as a collector’s piece.  If the work is of a trademarked character or characters, please bear in mind that the fact that you’ve paid me to draw them doesn’t give you publishing rights to said character(s).

Lastly, please don’t commission me to draw your character and then use the drawing as the cover to your book.  I am available for cover work as well.  If that’s your desire, please email me and we’ll talk.


Black & White Half-Tone Color
Sketch Card $5 $5 $10
Sketch Page (8.5″ X 5.5″) $10 $10 $15
9″ x 12″ $20 $30 $40
11″ x 17″ $50 $75 $100
Custom Please Inquire

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